Vocabulary:Mindmap activity



When is your birthday?

Target Age : Adults (over 20 years old students)

Target Level : Pre-Intermediate

Topic : Vocabularies(adverbs & adjectives) related to personality

Mind Map :StarSigns

How to do this activity :

1.Students ask each other “When is your birthday?”

2.Students check their star sign & its traits matched with their birthdays.

3.Students talk about whether the star sign traits fit their real personalities or not.

4.Plus, students ask the follow-up question about well-matched or ideal jobs with their characters and answer it.

Note: This activity should be done in groups or in pairs.  Teachers  continually check students whether they use the words which are related to personality.   This speaking activity is designed for adults in Korea.

Aims :

This mindmap will help students learn new words-(adverbs & adjectives) that describe personality. Students  enjoy checking their star sign traits and finding out that they fit their real personalities. It’s enough to arouse learners’ interest and students can learn vocabularies related to personality in a fun way.

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