Prezi for listening activity



How to cook macaron?

Target age : high-school students

Target level : intermediate

Topic : vocabulary related to cooking macaron

Objective : Students are able to improve listening ability through this activity.

How to do this activity :

1. Let students to think about their prior knowledge about macaron using the questions on the first slide.

2. Let students watch the video clip “How to cook macaron.

3. Give the students questions to think about and answer.

4. Let the students watch the video clip one more time.

5. Let the students check their answers.

Aim :                                                                                                                                    The aim of this activity is to let them know any video clips could be materials for listening. Through this video clip, students are able to listen to what consists of orders.

*NOTE : It could be a little bit difficult to some students to understand the video clip fully. Therefore, teachers should say “This video clip could be difficult. Do not understand fully. Try to listen the orders as much as possible.” before students listen to the video clip. Teachers should encourage students to listen to the video clip with some memos and ask them to concentrate the instruction carefully.

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