My preferred teaching style


My preferred target ages : 15~25

Basically language is a tool with which you can use when you learn something or so.Especially in Korea, English itself can’t be helpful for students because English is only used in classroom. For the learners other parents, learning English is a kind of investment, not just something fun. So the purpose of learning English in Korea is obvious. It is for entering a good school, or getting a good job.


My Preferred teaching Style

So to achieve this goal, I prefer CBI;Content based instruction. This is student-centered and easier to get students motivated and interested by generating stimulating content instruction and materials. During the lesson, learners will get to know how to learn something in English and to be able to use it for further learning at higher institutions. It probably will be a challenge to the teachers to give a lesson about certain subjects in English. But if it’s not too professional or specialized, teachers can keep up the lesson and as time goes by, the professionalism of the teachers will improve. Then the teachers and the academy will be growing much more.

My preferred classroom style

My preferred classroom style

Classrooms equipped with Multimedia devices will be very much useful. I am good at dealing with multimedia devices such as computers, projectors and multimedia softwares such as PPTs, internets etc. These technology will get students attention and interest them.


Voice Thread – Talking about your star sign.



Target level : Intermiediate students who can easily understand teacher’s nasal sound when he got a cold.

Target age : Over middle school students who probably have prior knowledge and curiosity about star signs.

contents : stories about libra. in the end, asking students to comment about theirs.

assignments : let students investigate their own star sign and upload it as in the same order as the example post.

Prezi for listening activity



How to cook macaron?

Target age : high-school students

Target level : intermediate

Topic : vocabulary related to cooking macaron

Objective : Students are able to improve listening ability through this activity.

How to do this activity :

1. Let students to think about their prior knowledge about macaron using the questions on the first slide.

2. Let students watch the video clip “How to cook macaron.

3. Give the students questions to think about and answer.

4. Let the students watch the video clip one more time.

5. Let the students check their answers.

Aim :                                                                                                                                    The aim of this activity is to let them know any video clips could be materials for listening. Through this video clip, students are able to listen to what consists of orders.

*NOTE : It could be a little bit difficult to some students to understand the video clip fully. Therefore, teachers should say “This video clip could be difficult. Do not understand fully. Try to listen the orders as much as possible.” before students listen to the video clip. Teachers should encourage students to listen to the video clip with some memos and ask them to concentrate the instruction carefully.

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