Look up this dictionary for any five words.





Find your star sign in the picture



Read this cartoon, are they going to stay or leave?



Look for the cheapest coffee and the most expensive coffee.


<Bus Time table>

Look for the earliest bus and the latest bus.



What is this Voicethread about?


Bombay TV



Target level/age:     Beginner/under 10 yrs

Topic: A singing lady

Click the picture to watch the video.

Answer the questions below after watching the video clip.


1. Who do you think she is?

2. Where do you think she is singing?

3. What is she singing about?

4. Why do you think people who are looking at her are laughing?

Discuss with your partner about the answers..

Worked with: Morgan

Vocabulary:Mindmap activity



When is your birthday?

Target Age : Adults (over 20 years old students)

Target Level : Pre-Intermediate

Topic : Vocabularies(adverbs & adjectives) related to personality

Mind Map :StarSigns

How to do this activity :

1.Students ask each other “When is your birthday?”

2.Students check their star sign & its traits matched with their birthdays.

3.Students talk about whether the star sign traits fit their real personalities or not.

4.Plus, students ask the follow-up question about well-matched or ideal jobs with their characters and answer it.

Note: This activity should be done in groups or in pairs.  Teachers  continually check students whether they use the words which are related to personality.   This speaking activity is designed for adults in Korea.

Aims :

This mindmap will help students learn new words-(adverbs & adjectives) that describe personality. Students  enjoy checking their star sign traits and finding out that they fit their real personalities. It’s enough to arouse learners’ interest and students can learn vocabularies related to personality in a fun way.

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Grammar Website Evaluation


English chick    


1. This site has too many words.

2. It looks quite uninteresting and boring.

3. The categories are quite strange.

Therefore it is not recommended for teachers to use this “English Chick” site.




1.It is quite well -rganized.

2. It is easy to find what teachers want for teaching materials.

3. The categories are good. They are well divided into terms, exercises and handout.

Thus, if you are an English teacher, it is recommended to use this site.


NeoK12                                                                                                                                    http://www.neok12.com/Grammar.htm

1. This is designed specially for certain age group (from Kindergarten kids to senior high school students). Good videos on grammar.  Nice quiz game and online games and puzzles. But it is not suitable for advanced learners.

2. Nice quiz set. Quiz part is well animated that is good to get attention from users and classified in terms of grammar terms. Games and puzzles are also fun for students to play with. It helps students feel having fun and not studying. In case that learners need more information on grammar, video clips are linked.

3. Not plenty of words and expressions. This is targeted for school students so that again it’s not beneficial for advanced learners.

4. All the grammar rules are nicely explained. And many example sentences help you understand better. And many questions to make sure you are fully comprehended.



1. This website is beneficial for those who prepare for English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, and so on.

2. Different grammar problems are set up, depending on where learners are from.

I worked with

Jiny: http://jinyleeskku.wordpress.com

Jong: http://jsssonn73.wordpress.com



성공테솔 (2)

The SKKU TESOL Certificate Program is one of the best TESOL programs in Korea, especially renowned for its practicalitly.  It does not mean that the courses for theory and methodology are weak, rather what we learn from this program is much more beneficial for the real teaching situations.  What message we are tyring to convey in the poster is that anyone who wants to go across the bridge to sucessful English teacher needs to get the piece which is SKKU TESOL certificate program.

I worked with Jong : http://jssonn73.wordpress.com/